Just down the road

Just down the road from us is The Farm at Spring Creek. Besides running the cutest Airbnb cabin; producing beef, honey, eggs, soap (with their own tallow!), and more, Erin is a sweet friend of mine. Even in the beginning phases of our friendship, Erin's generosity and kindness were remarkable: Our daughter got a nasty case of strep throat right before Halloween a couple of years ago. She couldn't go trick-or-treating, obviously, but she still cried. Erin showed up at our door with an actual cauldron FILLED with candy, art supplies, and little toys. She's my go-to for crockpot recipes, anything about the Deep South, and urgent beekeeping information. She keeps her family and her business humming dutifully and generously along, and the boys adore her. Not a surprise there.

I had so much fun during this shoot! They greeted me with a cold drink, I got to frolic through fields, and they took me all around on a side-by-side. Gator? Four-wheeler? I don't know what the kids are calling it these days. Point is: I'm glad to call them my neighbors and friends.